Sissy CD Sex Show At The Club

I always had a thing for exposing myself, especially since I started cross-dressing. But going public with my passion for panties, lingerie, and stockings is not an option for me. I live this kink life in secret. My wife doesn’t know, and if the word goes out, it could eventually ruin mycrossdresser sex career. But lucky for me, I found a way of getting the attention I wanted without putting myself at risk. I found out about this club in a town not far away from my home. It’s mainly a gay club, but all kinks are welcomed. They host drag queen nights, BDSM-themed parties, and so many other events based on all kinds of dirty passions. I always went there as a sissy crossdresser, and I even made a friend. It’s another crossdresser, much younger than me, from the new generation who calls themselves traps. She goes by the name of Lilly, and we hit it off pretty well. We became regulars at the club, and everyone started calling us a couple.

We enjoyed each other’s company, but we never had sex with each other. One time I watched her sucking a dick in the bathroom stall, and we regularly kissed in front of everyone at our table.
But last week was pretty wild. I don’t know what got into Lilly, but she was kind of upset. By the looks of it, I’d say that she’s going through a breakup. She came to the club and told me that tonight she wanted to be a total slut. She was wearing high heels and a super-short skirt with no panties, and she kept pretending to drop things only to pick them up in a provocative way that would reveal her tight little and freshly shaved asshole. Guys were roaming all around her. She got so much attention that I started to feel jealous. And I guess she noticed my jealousy because all of a sudden, she was all over me. Lilly brought that attention towards us.

“Let’s give these boys a show!” she said as she was grinding on top of me, kissing and biting my lips. It was late in the night, and everyone was wasted. She got up and took my hand, making me follow her on the club’s small stage where strippers and drag queens were usually performing. Upon that stage, she made me sit up straight and kneeled in front of me. She popped her head under my skirt, and she removed my panties with her teeth. Her performance was pretty wild because everyone started clapping.
Then she lifted my skirt and shoved her face right in my crotch. My ladycock was already so hard, and it looked amazing dangling on her face as she was licking on my balls. I don’t know how she slipped between my legs because I suddenly felt her tongue licking on my ass. She then got up, and we started French kissing.

“Fuck me right here, please!” She got up and bent over. Her high heels were making her legs look so amazing. I was nervous, but the cheers of the crowd gave me no choice. They were chanting, “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” and that’s what I did. But before that, I dropped on my knees, lifted her skirt, and shoved my face between her sweet ass cheeks. I ate her booty and made it all wet, ready for my dick. I gave her a final spat and then got up to prone myself inside her. With the cheers of the crowd and with the tightness of her ass, I don’t think I made it past two minutes. I came right inside her. When she felt that she turned around and told me:

“It’s my turn now!” So, I turned around and got on all four like a bitch in heat. She smacked my ass, and I was ready to be fucked. But little did I know that this little trap cumslut is a beast. Her cock is just a bit larger than mine, but she sure knows how to use it. She fucked me better than any man ever did before. I was moaning like a whore, and she kept smacking my ass. I was getting fucked doggy style by a much younger sissy under the horny eyes of a room full of pervs. She gave it to me so well that I had another orgasm.
When she was close to finishing, she made me turn around and stick my tongue out for her cumshot. She had so much jizz for me that my entire face got covered in it, and my makeup was ruined. She then licked my face and spat it all in my mouth. Once I swallowed, the crowd went crazy. After we finished, we returned to our table, where the manager of the club came with free drinks for us and a proposal. He wants us to perform these kinds of shows on the stage every weekend. And you can be sure that we both signed up for it.


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