Grindr Sissy Adventures

Confession time! I’ve been a bad cumslut lately. I never thought my kinkiness could spiral out of control this much. I don’t even know if I should put this in writing. If the word would go out, my life could be ruined. I’ve been cheating on my wife recently. And I don’t know what’s worse. The fact that I cheated on her or the fact that all my affairs have been with men. Or maybe it’s the fact that I wore her lingerie and sexysissy anon sex outfits while doing all this.

I’m clearly a hypersexual, and my wife can’t keep up with me. I’ve tried to get her into the mood by buying her all kinds of sexy outfits and sex toys. But I always ended up using them myself while she was at work. It all started with me testing out a vibrating anal plug I got for her. It felt so good that I wanted to experience getting fucked in the ass. I also started putting on her panties, testing her bras, wearing stockings, and I’ve even bought a pair of high heels that were fitting me. I became a full-on crossdresser whenever she was not at home. I kept buying her toys just so that I could use them on my own ass.

But one night, I wanted to know the feeling of getting fucked in the ass, so I installed Grindr on my phone. I took some hot pictures of me in full cross-dress and started chatting with random men. My first experience was with a guy much younger than me. I met him in a motel room where he got to jerk off to me as I was putting on my wife’s lingerie. Then I kneeled and worshipped his young cock with my mouth, after which I got on top of him and rode his dick like a slut. It was his first time with a crossdresser, and he was so excited that he lasted just a couple of minutes. The next time my wife was out of town, I wanted to be fucked hard by a guy who could manhandle me. I matched with a big man. He was much taller, and his dick was enormous. He invited me over to his place, where things got crazy pretty quick. He made me suck on his dick from the moment I entered the door. Then he picked me up and took me upstairs to his bedroom. He threw me on the bed and went inside me dry. The only lube on his dick was the saliva. I drooled over it when I tried to fit it all down my throat. That man made me feel like a real cumslut. He went three rounds on my ass, and every time he made me clean his dick with my mouth. In between the dick-down sessions, he had me bring him beers, make him sandwiches and suck on his cock until it was hard again.

But the craziest adventure was last weekend. Some guy with whom I kept chatting online in secret told me that he and his buddies were going to party at his house and that it would be fun if I’d go there in full cross-dress. I told my wife that I had some work I needed to get done on the computer downstairs, and after I made sure she was asleep, I drove to the party. When I got there, the guys were pretty hammered. I guess they were planning to take turns on me because as soon as I entered the place, they gathered around me. I felt like a real bimbo. They were hitting on me, trying to get my attention. Suddenly, I just kneeled in front of the host, unzipped his pants, and started blowing them. The other guys took out their cocks too, and I was in the middle of a blowbang. After they’ve all been turned on with raging boners, I got up and bent myself over the dinner table.

“Fill my ass up, boys!” They’ve all taken turns fucking my ass. It was pretty impressive. I think I’ve had at least eight guys fucking me that night. Some of them fucked me twice. The party was going on, and they just took turns using my ass. I only stopped because I could see the night turning into morning out the window. I drove like crazy back to my home, where my wife was still sleeping. She didn’t suspect a thing, even though I still had some cum in my ass from the party. I wonder how much further I can push this because I know I won’t stop anytime soon.


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