Gloryhole Initiation With My Mistress

We finally did it. My mistress and I visited the local glory hole. It’s not the fanciest place, but I feel more of a slut knowing that all those big and nasty smelling cocks that fucked me are just some drunks who wanted to empty their loads in horny slut wives exploited by thesissy slut gloryhole trainingir perv husbands. Luckily, I got to be that whore, and it was amazing. The night started out just like every other Saturday for us. We planned to fool around at home, so I got dressed up in my sluttiest lingerie, put on a pair of stockings, and my wife, who is also my mistress, put on her strap on to fuck my ass raw. While she was fucking me hard, I kept screaming and asking her to cum inside me. Then she stopped.

“Do you want to be filled up with cum? Get your ass in the car!”
I got in the car without asking any questions. She put on a trench coat and, with her dick harness still on, and drove. She stopped in front of the adult store, where she told me to get my ass inside the glory hole booth. It was Friday night, and the parking lot was filling up. I couldn’t believe what was happening. So, we went inside. She started pounding on the wall and demanding a cock to be shoved through the hole. I guess the guy on the other side thought it was his lucky night. I bet he was expecting some horny slut MILF to be blowing on his cock. But instead, it was me, with my mistress whispering instructions into my ear. And she was good at it too. Soon enough, I heard the man on the other side moaning. He was close to the finish. I could feel his cock pulsating down my throat. It was then when my mistress stopped me from deepthroating on that stranger’s cock and shouted through the wall.
“Ok, big boy! How would you like to cum inside a slutty blonde’s asshole tonight?”
“I’d love it, mam!”

So, my cunning mistress flipped me around, grabbed the stranger’s cock, and fixed it right inside my asshole. She screamed at that stranger, “Fuck me hard, big boy!” The guy started fucking me like a mad dog, thinking he was fucking my hot wife. To keep my mouth shut, my mistress shoved her strap-on cock in my mouth. I could feel how fresh cum was filling in the inside of my ass. When he took his cock out of me, I was so stretched that all that jizz started draining down my balls. Then my mistress shouted again: “Anyone wants to use my jizz-lubed ass for another round?” Another cock popped out of the wall. This one was even bigger. Even though I was stretched, it could barely fit inside me. I was hurting so bad, but I couldn’t say a word. My mistress started moaning and complimenting the stranger for his girth and length to keep the charade up. The dude was giving it to me really hard. My mistress kept pretending that she was the one getting railed. I kept sucking and biting that rubber cock she was wearing to keep myself from screaming. Everything was so perfect. That dude was really hitting my G-spot. I know that because when I could feel that he was done, I started cumming too. I came all over the floor in that dirty booth. My cum and all the jizz from the strangers who fucked me were mixed up in a puddle of thick sticky whiteness.

“Eat it all up, cumslut!” I was licking the floor when another cock popped out of the wall. My mistress took care of it while I cleaned up all that sweet orgasmic jizz. Then I joined her. I don’t know if the stranger even noticed that we were both sucking on his cock. But I’m sure he did enjoy every second of it. He didn’t even take so long to cum, and my mistress slurped it all up just to spit in on my face. She didn’t even let me clean it off. She forced me to wear that jizz on my face as we made our exit out of the glory hole booth.
I did a cum walk right in front of some guys smoking in front of the place, with my mistress following me. One of them said, “Will you be here tomorrow night, girls?” which made me so happy. I guess they didn’t even figure out I was crossdressing. Then my mistress replied:
“We’ll be here every weekend, boys! Tell your friends!”


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