Creampies From Strangers

I’ve had the sissy kink ever since I started messing around with pegging. My wife is ok with it. We do it every time we take a night forsissy anon blowjob ourselves. We usually go on dates and finish them in hotel rooms, where I pretend to be a cumslut, and she fucks my ass with her massive strap on from behind. But this kink of mine took a turn for the wild because my wife can’t offer me something. Even though she got so good at fucking me from behind, she can’t fill up my sissy ass with jizz. And all I want is to be used as a cum dumpster by horny pervs.

So, I started messing around behind her back. I don’t know if it’s considered cheating, but I hope she never finds out. Or if she does, I hope that she’ll understand that these men I’ve been seeing lately can give me something she can’t: a massive creampie in my cumslut ass.

It all started one night when she was visiting her friend who lives in another town. I got horny and tried on some of her lingerie and clothes at home. I also rode her favorite dildo. She knows I do that when I’m alone, so there’s nothing out of the ordinary so far. But I took it one step further when I got on Dating sites and looked up some personal ads. I discovered that I’m wanted by so many horny old guys who would love fucking a sissy. One ad was posted just minutes before my visit, with contact info and even a place where the guy could host the adventure.
So, I sent him a text saying that I’m the sissy he wants. He replied almost instantly, saying that he was waiting for me. I was already wearing my slutty sissy outfit, so I got in the car and drove there. His house was just on the outskirts of our town. He opened the door. A big man with no shirt on and a hairy silver chest. He was much older than me, I think in his 60s. He invited me in and poured me a glass of wine. We started chatting, and midway through, I could see his cock getting hard in his jeans. He noticed I was staring at his bulge and began rubbing his package. He told me to put on a little show for him.

I did my best to impress my first man. I spread my legs, played with my ladycock until it got hard, fingered my ass, and tasted myself. He took out his cock and started jerking off to my show, and then I got down on my knees in front of him and put it in my mouth. It was the first cock I’d ever tasted. I was sweaty but in a good way. And this big man was a moaner. He loved my performance. I got on top of him in his armchair and rode him like a slut while I was jerking myself. He couldn’t resist for more than five minutes, and he came inside of me. It was such a fantastic feeling to feel his warm cum in my ass that I couldn’t resist and busted out a load that splashed all over his hairy chest. I then proceeded to clean up the mess with my tongue. When I tried to get up, and his cock slipped out of my ass, I could feel my creampie draining in his crotch. I got on my knees again and cleaned his crotch too. It was so tasty, and I was so excited.

He then invited me over the next night, and you can be sure I went. But this time, he wasn’t alone. He had a friend, also in his 60s, and they were kind of drunk. I knew what was about to happen. They were going to use me like a cumrag, and I was going to love it. We didn’t even exchange formalities. Without saying anything, I got on my knees in the middle of the living room. They came to me with their cocks out, and I crammed them both in my mouth. Then they bent me over the couch and took turns on me. I think I’ve been fucked for over an hour. The host finished inside me first, and his friend used the creampie as lube to fuck me hard. This other guy was bigger, and I could feel him in my guts. When he came, he did it so deep inside me that I couldn’t even fart it out at the end. It only dripped out of me after my railing ended, and they made me dance for them as they were drinking. When I felt the jizz dripping out my ravished asshole, I picked it up on my fingers and licked it in front of them. That’s how I made them fall in love with me, and they can’t wait for my wife to be out of town again.


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