11 Sissy Cuckold Masturbation Ways

 Masturbation tips for your sissy cuckold husband

Welcome, fellow cuckolds and sissy-loving partners! Today, we’re diving into the world of sissy cuckold masturbation, where we’ll explore ten tantalizing techniques to keep your sissy husband hard and satisfied. Whether you’re a seasoned cuckoldress or new to the lifestyle, these tips will help you spice up your bedroom play and keep your sissy hubby begging for more. So, let’s get started!


Sissy Cuckold tips and advice

  1. Encourage the husband to consume his semen as a form of submission and humiliation. This can be done by guiding his head towards your genitals or having him drink it from a cupped hand. Other methods such as squirting into a shot glass or coffee cup can also be enjoyable.
  2.  Submissive men may enjoy smelling their wife’s dirty panties as a way to enhance their arousal. Have the husband place his nose in your underwear or vagina while masturbating to create a connection between your scent and sexual pleasure.
  3.  Instruct the man to masturbate while lying on his back with his legs raised and in a yoga “plow” position. Encourage him to ejaculate on his face, with a towel placed beneath his head to catch any spills.
  4.  Introduce a humiliating activity by having the husband masturbate against a plastic sandwich bag filled with lube and secured behind his testicles while humping a couch cushion.
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  6.  Keep the husband’s mind stimulated by sending him explicit photos and instructing him to masturbate while thinking of you. Consider incorporating other men into the fantasy by sending images of attractive men to gauge his reaction.
  7.  Take the husband to a sex shop to purchase toys for his pleasure, encouraging him to ask the salesperson for recommendations. This can include items such as rubber vaginas or prostate massagers
  8.  Add a twist to mealtime by having the husband ejaculate onto his food before consuming it.
  9.  Explore the idea of cross-dressing as a form of submission, potentially dressing the husband in women’s clothing and having him serve you. Pay attention to his physical reaction to determine his level of arousal.Sissy sluts tips
  10.  Encourage the husband to watch cuckold-themed porn as a form of sexual stimulation, gradually progressing to bisexual sissy training videos featuring both the husband and wife servicing another man.
  11.  Experiment with golden showers by having the husband masturbate in the bathtub and then receiving a shower of urine from his partner. This act of domination can enhance the power dynamic in the relationship.